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Regular exercise is essential if you want to look fit and stay healthy, but our modern lifestyles can make it difficult to get the amount we need. And even when you do find time to exercise, it can be tough to know if you’re using your workout time wisely. Should you be doing HIIT or endurance training? Will lifting that big weight bulk up your muscles or damage your back? And why aren’t you seeing the results you want from the time you dedicate to the gym?


There’s a lot of bad advice out there, and a lot of people who are basically wasting the time they spend working out because of it. Life Balance personal training helps you to cut through the fitness trends, the fad diets and the contradictory advice and benefit from a progressive, best-practise fitness programme that helps you get the most out of every single workout. The result? Less time spent slogging away at ineffective workouts, more free time to spend doing the things you love and a fitter, stronger and more flexible you.


More impact for your input.

I listen carefully to understand what you want out of your personal training sessions – whether you’re looking to burn fat, shape up for a special event, strengthen your body against injury or simply work off last weekend's pints. We’ll set out long and short-term goals together, and I’ll continuously monitor your progress and adjust my approach to ensure that you leave every session fitter and more confident than the last. Just as importantly, I’ll make sure your workouts stay interesting – we’ll never do the exact same workout twice. It’s all about achieving life balance – creating an enjoyable, sustainable and impactful exercise programme which spends your time wisely, so that you can feel stronger, healthier and happier in your body.


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My training focuses on making your body stronger so that it can serve you better - while achieving your health, fitness and aesthetic goals. Book an individual session or train alongside a friend.

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Personal training in London can be expensive, but I offer different sessions to meet different financial and lifestyle needs. Learn about how much I charge for outdoors training, in-gym sessions, joint sessions and groups here.


About Me

I'm Ben, a personal trainer and wellbeing advisor from North London with eight years' experience in the industry. I started Life Balance because I'm passionate about how exercise can transform our mental and physical wellbeing. 


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